The Blindspot Initiative
Design Resistance and Alternative Modes of Practice

The Blindspot Initiative is a research project that seeks to identify alternative modes of practice for architecture and design. While the field of design has gotten used to doing open call for competitions, expecting free labor from hundreds of participants, we can identify a series of design practices that challenge such expectations by proposing design workflows and frameworks that operate with alternative business models. The exploration of work often meanders through disciplinary boundaries, expanding the sovereignty of the field by borrowing techniques and attitudes that operate in the blindspot of architecture.

This volume was possible by a kickstarter campaign done in 2014, which initiated the search for contributors which today include:

Foreword by: 
Casey Reas

Edited by:
Jose Sanchez

Texts by:
Jose Sanchez
David Gerber
Jenny Wu
Kate Davies
Mostafa Elsayed

Featuring the work by:
Satoru Sugihara
Gilles Retsin
Micheal Kontopoulos
Luis Quinones
Nicholas Hanna
Somewhere Something

Isaie Bloch
Niccolo Casas
Will Hosikian

Universal Assembly Unit
Isohale - Catherine Griffiths
Keiichi Matsuda

Andrew Payne & Panagiotis Michalatos
Kinch - Casey Rehm
Plethora Project - Jose Sanchez
Manuel Jimenez Garcia

Behnaz Farahi
Botlab - Zach Schoch
Ruairi Glynn