Directed by Jose Sanchez
Sponsored by Stratasys

students: Yuchen Cai, Yanping Chen, Setareh Ordoobadi, Can Jiang

Polyomino has been an ongoing project that connects studio work and professional research. By working with the students at USC, we have explored in depth the topic of serial repetition and mass production. The objective of the studio is to design a smart brick that can reconsider industrial serialization from a perspective of the economy and criticizes mass production by generating differentiation and customization using combinatorics.
Units are the same, but their arrangement or ‘pattern’ is different, allowing for a much more efficient design strategy for complex forms.
This project is part of a larger agenda that I call ‘from Gaming to Making’ where the use of video game technologies is used allow a crowdsources re-combination of units, allowing thousands of design outputs.
The project has been sponsored by Stratasys understanding the impact that gaming technology can offer users at the moment of designing their 3d printable creations.