Winner WONDER SERIES Competition 2012
Alisa Andrasek / Jose Sanchez

Commissioned by the City of London for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Bloom has become the genesis of a research agenda that connects Architecture and Gaming culture. The project is interactive in an unusual way, as it can be designed, altered and dismantled by the crowd. The participation of the public is really what makes Bloom come into life. 

A never finished structure in constant fluctuation, finding moments of stability and moments of failure.

The project has become a startup that has started commercializing a toy version of the product. This will allow children and players to discover the ideas behind the project at a massive scale.

The project has been exhibited in diverse locations around the world including the exhibition ‘Naturalizing Architecture’ at Frac Center in Orleans and ‘The Future is Here’ organized by The Design Museum of London and RMIT in Melbourne.