Polyomino Academic Research at USC School of Architecture
Directed by: Jose Sanchez

The third and probably final iteration of the Polyomino studio was based on a greater common ground than the other two prior studios, maintaining ideas of serial repetition but discarding the necessity of perfect packing. This move would generate higher demand on the study of how units connect to each other in order to generate a volumetric assembly. 

The project was proposed as a ‘kit of parts’ where a small number of unit types can describe a three dimensional structure. 

The ‘smart brick’ project is taken to a higher architectural stage promoting the study of the fabrication and economy of production of the systems.

Students are invited to think as entrepreneurs, thinking of a building system that could be deployed in a diverse range of architectural conditions, and the design of an architectural pavilion would become a marketing strategy for what the system is capable. 

Jingbo Yan, Xinran Ding, Wansu_Zhang,DechenZeng

Ashley Kasuyama, Qianqian Xu, Aditya Gulati, Zhixue Zheng

Jiawen Ge, Yuchuan Chen, Yu Zhao, Qian Liu