New Media / Game Mechanics:
_Unit Operations , Ian Bogost, 2008
_Persuasive Games, Ian Bogost, 2010
_Rules of Play: Game Design fundamentals by Katie Salen, 2003
_Persuasive Games lecture , Ian Bogost
_Space Fighter , The evolutionary city (Game:) by MVRDV/DSD, 2007
_Space Time Play: Computer Games, Architecture and Urbanism by: Friedrich von Borries, Steffen P. Walz, Matthias Böttger, 2007
_ Homo Ludens, Johan Huizinga, 1971
_The Ambiguity of Play, Brian Sutton-Smith, 2001
_The Video Game Theory Reader 2 by Bernard Perron and Mark J. P. Wolf, 2008
_Code as Language, Ezio Blazzetti – LOG, 2012
_ Codology by Dan Marino -On critical code studies
_Understanding Media -Marshal McLuhan -.1994
_The Medium is the Message: An inventory of Effects by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore, 2005

Games to Play:

_SpaceChem // Sandbox // Generative Games // Algorithmic thinking ++ All Zachtronic games.
_Minecraft // generative collective play
_Dwarf Fortress
_Game of Life
_Scriblenauts // Interdependence of Objects // Objects assemblies
_Hot-spring story / simcity // cellular automata // combinatorics
_Braid // Time bending
_Frozen Synapse // strategies of space >> space syntax
_Super Meat Boy // intuitive iteration // path recording // data collection
_Starcraft ++ Commentaries // resource management // non-optimization paradigm // game theory

Combinatorics / Mathematics / Architectural Theory:

_Weak and Diffuse Modernity, Andrea Branzi, 2006
_Conaway’s Game of Life
_Space is the Machine: A Configurational Theory of Architecture by Bill Hillier, 2007
_Design of Computers, Theory of Automata and Numerical Analysis, John von Neumann, 1948
_Computer Modeling and Natural Phenomena, Giuseppe Longo, 2003
_The Future of Computation, Stephen Wolfram, 2005
_Computing Machinery and Intelligence By A. M. Turing 
_Turing Machines


_Resistance/Resilience by Francois Roche, LOG, 2012
_Remarks on Occupy movement by Slajov Zizek, LOG 2012
_Towards an Inquiry into Immaterial Labour BY Maurizio Lazzarato

The Geo-Political Context:

_From Systems to Stacks >>>> Benjamin Bratton >>> On the Nomos of the Cloud: The Stack, Deep Address, Integral Geography
_Massive addressability >>> Bratton, Keller, others >>>> on Address >>> Critical code studies
_Apophenea >>>> meaningful patterns in meaningless data >>>> Benjamin Bratton >>> -The imperative 

Game Theory:

_Theory of Games and Economic Behavior by John von Neumann, Oskar Morgenstern, Harold William Kuhn
and Ariel Rubinstein
_Von Neumann, Morgenstern, and the Creation of Game Theory: From Chess to Social Science, 1900-1960
_Game Theory lectures at academic earth

Heuristics / Ontology:

_M.R. James and the Quantum Vampire, China Mieville. Collapse IV, 2008
_Against self organization by Steven Shaviro
_Alien Phenomenology, Ian Bogost, 2012
_Intentional Objects for Non-Humans by Graham Harman, 2008
_The Blank Swan by Elie Ayache, 2010
_The Ecological Thought by Tim Morton, 2012
_Martin Hielscher. Adorno and Aesthetic Theory. 2009
_Image and Logic: Material Culture of Microphysics Peter Galison, 1997
_The non-human turn >>> Steven Shaviro
_The Mesh >>>>>> and consecutive videos
_The Dawn of Hyperobjects >>>>>>and consecutive videos
_Unprimed >>>> >> and consecutive videos

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