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Plethora Library [plibs] in Processing


Finally here! just starting documenting the processing library I wrote with some new video tutorials. Hopefully I’ll be able to update the library with the feedback. TUTORIAL 01 – Introduction TUTORIAL 02 – Agent Drawing and Exporting TUTORIAL 03 – Agent Connections

Processing / Eclipse


Processing with Eclipse Processing Video Tutorials Season 2 SEASON 2: S02E01 TUTORIAL 01: INHERITANCE S02E02 TUTORIAL 02: L-SYSTEMS S02E03 TUTORIAL 03: MESHES IN ECLIPSE S02E04 TUTORIAL 04: ADDITIVE WAVES S02E05 TUTORIAL 05: ISOSURFACE >>>>> S02E05 sourcecode coming soon: -Kinect -Polymorphism -Genetic Algorithm -Langton’s Ant  


drl reel

All the work from Phase 1 and Phase 2 DRL at the architectural association. And some of the conceptual work developed with students using bits of code from several projects:

Agentware Workshop


AA visiting school in Croatia Directed by: Alisa Andrasek ++ Jose Sanchez 6 days of coding / designing synthetic ecologies TA: Igor Pantic Student List: Thomas Bagnoli Paolo Alborghetti Jana Culek Alessio Erioli Manuele Gaioni Daniel Christiansen Lucano Deskovic Justin Diles Neriman Ozhatay Azra Suljkic Vjekoslav Moscatello Thomas Wegener Nicole Koltick Adriana Gonzalez Maria Zabala […]

Processing Tutorials


List of Processing Tutorials: SEASON 1: Tutorial 01: INTRO Tutorial 02: VARIABLES Tutorial 03: FUNCTIONS Tutorial 04: REFERENCE Tutorial 05: FOR LOOPS Tutorial 06: CONDITIONALS Tutorial 07: CLASSES Tutorial 08: ARRAYS Tutorial 09: ARRAYLIST Tutorial 10: EXTERNAL LIBRARIES Tutorial 11: VECTOR CLASS Tutorial 12: VECTOR MATH Tutorial 13: STEERING BEHAVIORS Tutorial 14: 3D Tutorial 15: […]