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Plethora Library [plibs] in Processing


Finally here! just starting documenting the processing library I wrote with some new video tutorials. Hopefully I’ll be able to update the library with the feedback. TUTORIAL 01 – Introduction TUTORIAL 02 – Agent Drawing and Exporting TUTORIAL 03 – Agent Connections

Softimage ICE


I recently started teaching a bit of Softimage ICE. It is an amazing tool for physical simulations. It works very similar to grasshopper (visual programming) but much more powerful for animations and recursion. The procedural geometry is much more difficult though. TUTORIAL 01 – GETTERS AND SETTER TUTORIAL 02 – DEBUGGING TOOLS TUTORIAL 03 – […]

Processing / Eclipse


Processing with Eclipse Processing Video Tutorials Season 2 SEASON 2: S02E01 TUTORIAL 01: INHERITANCE S02E02 TUTORIAL 02: L-SYSTEMS S02E03 TUTORIAL 03: MESHES IN ECLIPSE S02E04 TUTORIAL 04: ADDITIVE WAVES S02E05 TUTORIAL 05: ISOSURFACE >>>>> S02E05 sourcecode coming soon: -Kinect -Polymorphism -Genetic Algorithm -Langton’s Ant  

Code as Language


At Protoecologics symposium I had the oportunity to engage in the conversation about the nature of the design tools we are using in particular coding. Most of the conversation had to do with open-source but the interesting part of the discussion had to do code as a lenguage. Francois Roche suggested that coding lacked the […]