Unity3D Tutorials

Tutorials of Unity3D Game Engine. Scripting in Javascript.
Video 1 – Intro
Video 2 – Prefabs
Video 3 – Prefabs Behaiviour
Video 4 – Instancing
Video 5 – Basic GUI
Video 6 – Object to Object interaction
Video 7 – Raycasting
Video 8 – Raycast and Destroy
Video 9 – Minecraft Placement
Video 10 – Preparing geometry and texture mapping
Video 11 – Geometric Orientation
Video 12 – Arrays – Cellular Automata Series 01
Video 13 – Debugging Data – Cellular Automata Series 02
Video 14 – CA Calculation- Cellular Automata Series 03
Video 15 – CA Collision – Cellular Automata Series 04

3 Responses to “Unity3D Tutorials”

  1. marco says:

    Hi Jose,

    Just wanted to thank you for these awesome Unity tutorials and I also wanted to ask you if it would be at all possible to get a copy of the scripts you used in them? I’m particularly interested in video 11 “Geometric Orientation”


  2. […] Unity tutorials – Good set of videos covering the basics. Includes a game of life demo. […]

  3. Imara Speek says:

    Hi Jose,

    Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial (especially Conway’s Game of Life).

    I am setting up a tool in Unity that will enable interaction designers to explore distributed networks of interactive objects. The tool will eventually enable them to visually program and explore the interactions available with emergent behaviors. However, for now I will prepare 3 example systems using a distributed network of interactive floor tiles that can be explored using avatars that will display different emergent behaviors.

    Would you recommend sticking to grids to simulate the network or represent the neighbors in the individual nodes instead (so directly linking the neighbors in the caCube code for this case)?

    Keep up the good work!
    Imara from Delft University of Technology, Holland

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