Check out our first gameplay trailer. Block'hood will be released on STEAM by the 11th of May, 2017.
After a year, we are ready to leave early access. Hope you enjoy our final release.
We can't wait to see what you will create with Block'hood.

Block'hood is being featured in the 'My Urban Playground' documentary by Luckyday.
Check out how Block'hood can be used to design the cities of tomorrow.


Discover a story

Discover the story of how we learn about our environment. Join Parker and Kiddo an adventure through 5 unique chapters. The story will teach you everything you need to know about Block'hood and will set up challenges for you to master the mechanics of the game.


Envision your neighborhood

Consider what Blocks are necessary for your neighborhood to thrive. There are no boundaries of what you can create! Block'hood has a library of over 200 blocks, and we are adding more constantly. Each Block you create has Inputs and Outputs. For Example, a tree might need water to create oxygen, and a shop might need consumers to create money. By understanding how each block is dependent on other blocks, you can create a productive network. Make sure to optimize your production and generate abundant resources. The game has 20+ resources that are specific to every block, so the amount of relations are enormous!


Avoid Decay - fight entropy

If Blocks don't get the inputs they need, they will decay over time. Slowly becoming abandoned or being destroyed. Once a Block is abandoned or destroyed, you will have to remove it and avoid it from making other blocks decay further. Be careful... seeking an utopian neighborhood carelessly, can lead to dystopia.



Block'hood has been conceptualized as a collectible card game, where each block introduced to the game affects every other, creating new relations and rendering other blocks more beneficial or obsolete. Send us your suggestions and see your block become part of the game!

Block'hood modes

Block'hood has been built as a flexible and scalable engine
that can allow the quick production of new blocks, extending the possibilities
of the game applications.

  • sandbox

    This is the main mode which allows you to play with all available blocks, tinkering and discovering patterns. You become the designer of your neighborhood.

  • challenge

    Challenge mode is a puzzle mode in which you work with a limited number of resources and a constraint set of blocks to achieve a particular goal. The game will be released with 12 challenge stages, and we will add more levels over time.

  • education

    Block'hood is built upon ideas of ecology and entropy, allowing anyone to learn about the challenges our cities face. Education mode is an extended tutorial that takes the player on a journey looking at current technologies, and how they works.

  • Story

    Block'hoods story mode will take you through the narrative of industralization and the development of an ecological consiousness.

  • modding

    (Coming soon) The ultimate challenge for Block'hood is to become a community framework, that could be altered and repurposed for any creative use. Tools for modding and even code libraries will come once the game has been completed.

  • custom apps

    Block'hood could be repurposed for many different applications. We seek to work with companies or institutions that would be interested in an engaging educational experience that provides understanding of how a product sits in an ecosystem.


Game Credits:
Block'hood is a creation of Jose Sanchez from Plethora-Project
Designed and developed by Jose Sanchez

Game design:
Jose Sanchez, Bryan Zhang and Gentaro Makinoda
3d assets:
Jose Sanchez, Gentaro Makinoda, Alan Hung, Bryan Zhang and Kellan Cartledge
Bryan Zhang and Jose Sanchez
Alan Hung
Selma Mutal
Petr Yakyamsev

Special thanks for the contribution of:
Catherine Griffiths,
Satoru Sugihara, Sergio Irigoyen,
Joshua Dawson and Nels Long